Student life

Student life at Swiss Hotel Management School

Student life

Life at SHMS

SHMS is constantly seeking to create unforgettable moments. We actively communicate with students and track all the novel activities to bring you an up-to-date and continuously enhanced experience of student life.


Culture & Travel

Located in the "Heart of Europe", visiting the countries surrounding Switzerland, such as France, Italy, Germany, or Monaco, is easy and possible in a matter of hours. Traveling in Switzerland, which possesses some of the most modern, clean, safe, and predictable transport in all of Europe, is an experience that should not be missed out on. Why not take a panoramic train through the Alps while enjoying fondue? Or visit the Swiss Alps, glaciers, transparent lakes, and historic villages? Whether you are someone active or a homebody - there are endless adventures all year-round.

Swiss Culture

The Swiss are known for their friendly, and polite ways. Punctual, clean, discreet, and organized are the traits that best represent the Swiss people.

Our campuses are located in the French and German-speaking regions of Switzerland. Languages are one of the most exciting aspects of Swiss culture. Home to four national languages, German, French, Italian, and Romansch, the country is accustomed to foreign tongues, and language barriers are hardly a problem. English, too, is commonly spoken throughout the country.

The local landscape is diverse, as its natural and cosmopolitan surroundings often overlap. Switzerland is a melting pot of cultures and integrates various neighboring countries' traits, lending it its own distinguishable culture. Through their craftsmanship and culinary skills, the Swiss are the famous creators of some of the best chocolate, cheese, and watches in the world.

Swiss tradition

Caux's proximities offer plenty of options for excursions. The Chateaux de Chillon, Nestlé Museum, and the famous cheese town of Gruyère are among the many excursions that are easily accessible. Caux is located just above Montreux, the location of the Montreux Jazz Festival in summer, and the festive Christmas Market. The town is just a 20-minute train ride away from Lausanne, Switzerland's trendiest city, where pop-up exhibitions, food fairs, live sports performances, and museums keep the region culturally active. 

The surroundings of Leysin offer many mesmerizing sites. The Glacier 3000, Lac de Chavonne, and Lac Blausse are among the most beautiful sights in the region. The Fromagerie Museum, the Chateau d' Aigle, and the Mayen Tours are three must-see activities recommended by all locals in the area.

Touristic Spots
Events, Concerts & Festivals

Caux lies just above one of the world's most famous events, the Montreux Jazz Festival. Between this festival, the Christmas Market, and the Freddie Mercury celebration, Freddie for a Day, the town is filled with a vibrant and exciting energy all year round.

The mountains of Leysin offer their own set of activities. The Kuklos restaurant, a venue at the peak of a 2800m mountain, organizes periodical events with a direct view of the Alps. The biathlon competition hosted yearly is also a must-see and do for foreigners experiencing winter sports for the first time.

Events, concerts, festivals
Travel abroad

Switzerland's centralized location makes it easy to travel to the most exciting and charming countries in Europe. A train ride away or from one of the nearest airports, Geneva or Zurich, almost any European destination is just a few hours away.

Travel abroad

City & Campus life

Both campuses offer a complete and unique living experience. With activities and tailored facilities available all year long, a home-like environment is created. Caux and Leysin are two of the most mesmerizing Swiss villages and hold treasures that provide an ideal environment for a memorable student experience.

Sports & Activities

The campuses offer a variety of sports: volleyball, football, tennis, basketball, badminton, and a gym facility. Leysin is located on a ski resort, so the arrival of winter provides students with ample opportunity to ski, and year-round access to a sports facility. The Caux campus is perfectly situated for outdoor activities such as sledding, hiking, cycling, and swimming in the lake during the summer.

Day time activities. Skiing
Clubs & Committees

The main committee is the Student Ambassador Forum (SAF), a committee chosen by students, for students. The SAF is responsible for linking students with the school and campus, and creating memorable events and activities that students request.

They organize a different event each Friday. Culture feasts, student bars, and themed nights as just some of our weekly events they look forward to on campus. SHMS is also involved in sports teams for football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, weekly trainings, and external competition. 

Clubs, associations, teams, committees

One of SHMS' most distinguishable on-campus activities is the student-held banquets. Every semester, a few exclusive themed banquets are organized, and to participate is considered a distinctive honor. The SAF holds a different event everz Friday. Culture feasts, student bars, and themed nights are some of the weekly events our students look forward to on campus. Seasonal sports days for students to compete both internally and externally are organized regularly.

Both campuses have internal nightclubs, allowing our students to be part of exclusive parties for SHMS members only. To try authentic Swiss cuisine, Le Coucou is a hidden gem for our students in Caux. Found on the way to the iconic Rochers de Naye mountain only 5 minutes away from the campus.  Leysin also has a selective offering of traditional Central European and Swiss food for our students to enjoy from.

Nightlife/ Restaurants/ Bars
Students life in Switzerland. Chat with an ambassador

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