The Ultimate Swiss Hospitality Experience

The Ultimate Swiss Hospitality Experience


PositionStudent at SHMS

SchoolSwiss Hotel Management School

ProgramBachelor of Arts in International Hospitality and Event Management



Swiss Hotel Management School Bachelor’s Program student Zohab Dhebar

Why did you choose to study in Switzerland and at Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)? 

I chose Switzerland because it's the best for the hospitality industry! I discovered SHMS while I was researching the Top 5 hospitality schools in the world. I was drawn to the Caux and Leysin campuses of SHMS and I loved the modules that were offered.

What are the benefits you have experienced from being an SHMS student?

As an SHMS student, I have gained lots of experience in hospitality and have made connections from all over the world. SHMS is the best for everything; if you talk about internships, my school has collaborated with more than 100 international companies around the globe. If you talk about the facilities, my school is equipped with everything that we are looking for. I definitely believe that I made the right decision to enroll in SHMS.

How have the faculty helped you at SHMS?

The lecturers and staff are great. They are really helpful, and I love their spirit and how they work. I have been on good terms with everyone. I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Filipe Duerte for teaching me all about this industry, from the very basics to the most advanced aspects of hospitality. I would also like to thank all my lecturers and SHMS staff for guiding me in the right direction for my future. In Leysin, Mr. Tiago is the love of my life, the best role model a student could ask for. He helped and guided us through all of the important aspects of the World of Hospitality (WOH) event, for which I was the assistant F&B manager.

How did you come across this idea for your business project?

I had been analyzing the Swiss market for business opportunities when I came across a gap in the market for luxury car rentals. In Switzerland, if you want to rent luxury cars, you need to be a minimum of 25 years old, place a huge deposit, and pay really high prices. I met some friends who were already working on this business project from 2017 and got super interested. So, I agreed to invest and collaborate with their companies called My Next Level (MNL) and Only The Best (OTB). My company does not need a deposit, has affordable prices, and the age requirement is 18 years old. I was 20 years old at the time, and I was determined to get into the market. The company's name is DETOUR (D2R), and can be found on Instagram at or on the web.

What plans do you have, if any, do you have to expand the business?

At this point my plans are to expand DETOUR all over Europe to become a well-known brand. We are looking to expand our current market segment beyond just students as it is currently, to include a target market of tourists and locals, too.

What does the future hold for you?

This is difficult for me to answer, but I want to be a successful businessman internationally. I have recently started a luxury events management company based in Dubai called SURREAL DXB. This company will offer different types of events such as music concerts, weddings, conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, etc. This is also connected to my hospitality industry studies.

What advice can you give to future students of SHMS?

Be focused on what you want to do in your life and start hustling. Never miss an opportunity to try to understand and start working for it. 

Zohab Dhebar studying a bachelor’s in hospitality at SHMSZohab Dhebar (left) with students and faculty of SHMS during the World of Hospitality event in Leysin.

Zohab Dhebar (left) with students and faculty of SHMS during the World of Hospitality event in Leysin.

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