The perfect combination of theory and practice

The perfect combination of theory and practice


SchoolSwiss Hotel Management School

ProgramBachelor of Arts in International Hospitality Management


CountrySouth Korea/Canada

Amanda Choe at a school event.

What made you choose hospitality?

What I really like about hospitality is that you get to meet and interact with people from many different cultures and languages. I have been able to build emotional connections with so many different people.


Why did you choose Swiss Hotel Management School?

SHMS combines the theory with a lot of hands-on practice, which is a must in the hospitality industry where experience is so important. The program includes two 4-6 month internships which really prepare you for the future. You are not just a student, but a student with experience.  


Tell us about your internships.

My internship took place at Rosewood Hotels and Resorts Hong Kong. It was very interesting because it’s the headquarters of the company and where the owners are located, which meant I got to meet them! I worked in the VIP lounge, with half of my time spent in food & beverage and half of my time spent at reception. I learned how to provide personalized service, how to really add that extra touch to make the customer experience extra luxury, personalized, and exclusive.

Before I landed the internship, I got a lot of help from the internship coaches on campus because they helped me research which company cultures would be a good fit for me.


What do you do in your free time?

Currently, I am the student ambassador for external visitors. This means I am the person potential students and their parents can talk to when they come and check out the school and program. 

There are also a lot of social gatherings on campus. If you like people, this is really the place! You really have no time to get bored. I think it’s amazing that the campus offers so many amenities such as a bar and a fine-dining restaurant, and so many opportunities to gather with your friends.   

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