Hospitality and internship aspirations at the IRF

Hospitality and internship aspirations at the IRF



SchoolSwiss Hotel Management School

ProgramBachelor of Arts in International Hospitality Management


SHMS Student Miklos

My name is Miklós Kálnoky, I'm Hungarian, but I was born and lived most of my life in Transylvania, so I also have Romanian nationality. I am studying Hotel Management at SHMS, where I just finished my second semester.

Hospitality has appealed to me since early childhood due to my family's business involving guesthouses and events. I was fascinated with how people can give others life-long cherished memories by creating a pleasant experience with kindness and attention. I simply find great joy in working with people. After I graduate, I will work with the primary objective of gaining valuable industry experience, for I plan to eventually return home to expand the family business and to "carry the torch."

Guest house in Transylvania

When searching for my perfect school, I had many choices to consider. Of course, the QS rating of SHMS played an important part in my decision, but it was not the primary deciding factor. After multiple interviews with many schools, I debated between EHL and SHMS. Even though EHL rates a bit higher, I chose SHMS. During my conversations with my SHMS contact person, Kristina Kirilova, I saw professionalism, transparency, and quick responses to my (sometimes nonsensical and confused) questions. She was honest, helpful, patient, and treated me with respect. I decided that if she represents SHMS, this place had to be perfect for me. I was not disappointed.

During my speech at the IRF, I tried to speak from the heart and not strictly follow a script. The point I wanted to share the most was how close to my heart this industry is, how rewarded I feel when I work in this field, and how lucky I feel to have the opportunity to study in Switzerland and in one of the best schools in the world. I also shared my plan to continue my family's legacy with the tools, knowledge, and experience I'm getting every day at SHMS and will continue to acquire in my upcoming internships.

At the IRF, the most valuable thing on offer is opportunity. Surrounded by so many recruiters and representatives of huge brands and companies, all looking for capable and motivated "future employees." This kind of environment is extremely rare and provides a significant advantage in starting your career. If you present yourself well and showcase your talents and strengths, you can build connections and network with people and businesses that can assist you throughout your career. It's a great opportunity, not to be missed.

My advice to new students; arrive early, well-rested, well-groomed, and with a positive attitude. During those few hours, you have the chance to set yourself up for a potentially tremendous career. Talk to as many people as possible, smile, be curious, and engage in meaningful conversations. As people say, the world of hospitality is very small, no one knows where you might end up in the future, and if you build a sizable network, you have more ground to put your feet on.

The next chapter of my life will be in the United States. I've got an internship in a "hotel operations management training" at a Marriott hotel in Richmond, Virginia. The program lasts 12 months, and I will work in 3-4 different departments to get an overview of the functions of a hotel. I am happy to say I will not embark on this adventure alone, as my partner Sana, whom I met at SHMS, will accompany me. She also got into the program, and we will work together for a year! 

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