The direction of my future career

The direction of my future career



SchoolSwiss Hotel Management School

ProgramMaster of Arts



Carla Vallet, master of arts hospitality, student

My name is Carla Vallet, and I am a French national studying for the Master of Arts degree at Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) from September 2023. I am delighted to announce that I have recently accepted an internship offer at the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Geneva in the Groups & Events department. This six-month internship will commence on February 26, 2024.

This opportunity marks a significant milestone in my professional journey, allowing me to immerse myself in the operational excellence of a renowned establishment within the luxury hotel industry. The Mandarin Oriental Group, known worldwide for its exquisite five-star hotels, provides an ideal environment for me to enhance my skills and enrich my experience in the luxury hospitality sector.

Upon completion of this internship, I intend to assess the skills and knowledge gained, as well as those acquired in my previous experiences, to determine my future career direction. I am open to the possibility of leveraging this learning to develop my own business venture or continuing my association with the Mandarin Oriental Group, depending on the opportunities that arise.


Why did you choose to study hospitality?

My decision to pursue studies in hospitality was driven by a lifelong passion for exquisite locales, encompassing both restaurants and hotels. From a young age, the allure of these beautiful spaces captivated me, making it a natural choice to delve deeper into this interest through specialized education in hotel management. My ultimate life goal is to establish and operate high-end boutique guesthouses and restaurants. In such a venture, the ability to eloquently communicate and effectively market one's product is paramount. Opting for a hospitality school was, therefore, a deliberate step that I have not regretted. The education I received not only fueled my passion further but also instilled in me a stronger motivation than ever to excel in this field.


How did you choose Swiss Hotel Management School?

My decision to pursue my studies in Switzerland was deeply considered, primarily influenced by the prestigious ranking of the chosen school, which is recognized as the 3rd best in the world.

This exceptional ranking was a pivotal factor in my decision, reflecting the academic excellence and professional expertise I sought. Beyond the high-level education, Switzerland offers an outstanding living environment, combining comfort, safety, and exceptional quality of life, essential aspects for a conducive learning and personal development atmosphere.

The hospitality industry in Switzerland is internationally acclaimed, epitomizing excellence in service and hospitality. Starting my career in this Swiss context, known for its high standards and innovation in the hospitality sector, represents a solid and highly formative foundation.

Switzerland, with its rich heritage in the hospitality industry, provides a unique immersion into best practices and cutting-edge trends, preparing its students to excel on the international stage.

Moreover, Switzerland is a cultural crossroads and an economic hub, offering unparalleled access to a diverse professional network and global career opportunities. This international dimension enriches the educational experience, allowing for a deeper understanding of global hospitality dynamics. Choosing Switzerland for my studies and the onset of my career is part of a strategic vision, aiming to build a robust foundation for my future in luxury hospitality.


Which class helped you the most for your career?

The opportunity to study at SHMS was highlighted by the exceptional quality of the courses and the professionalism of the lecturers, especially during the six months dedicated to intensive learning. Among the most impactful experiences were the Food and Beverage modules and the development of a restaurant concept, which were particularly standout. Furthermore, I greatly appreciated the Wine and Beverage courses for their epicurean approach and the emphasis on the importance of food and wine pairing, as well as the intriguing complexity of spirits.

These courses provided an extremely enriching experience, offering a concrete and in-depth view of the hospitality sector, entrepreneurship, and the culinary arts. As I aim to eventually open my own high-end guesthouses and e-restaurants, this experience proved to be essential. I gained a wealth of knowledge in a very short time, skills that will be invaluable in achieving my future projects.


What kind of career are you looking forward to?

Upon completing my internship, I am poised to embrace entrepreneurship, contingent upon the insights and skills I have garnered. My ambition is to establish luxury meeting venues that embody authenticity while upholding the quintessential French hospitality, distinguished by exceptional gastronomy and sophisticated enology.

My aim is to craft spaces where guests are so content that they are naturally inclined to extend their stay. Believing that true luxury is encapsulated in simplicity, I intend to conceptualize these establishments as guesthouses rather than hotels, to foreground the importance of conviviality and sharing, which are pivotal to my vision.

These guesthouses will cater to individuals united by a shared passion for a refined lifestyle.

Gastronomy will play a pivotal role in my establishments, targeting an epicurean clientele who believe that the moments shared around a table are the epitome of fellowship. The culinary experience offered will transcend mere service, becoming the cornerstone of the shared experience, epitomizing luxury in its most unadorned form and fostering authentic, memorable moments of connection.


For you, what is the biggest advantage of studying at Swiss Hotel Management School?

One of the most significant advantages of studying at SHMS is the school's prestigious reputation, which stands as a beacon of academic excellence and professional development in the hospitality industry. Additionally, the opportunity to meet individuals from around the globe has been invaluable, allowing me to step outside my European and Francophone bubble.  

This diverse cultural immersion significantly enhanced my English proficiency and improved my adaptability to different cultures, an essential skill in today's globalized world.

Moreover, the unique location of SHMS in Montreux, housed in a historic chateau, provides an unparalleled educational experience. The setting is not only picturesque but also rich in history, offering students the dreamlike opportunity to study and live in an environment that is both inspirational and conducive to learning.  

This distinctive aspect of SHMS contributes to a memorable chapter in the careers of its graduates, setting them apart in the competitive field of hospitality.

Choosing SHMS in Montreux also means benefiting from its strategic location in the heart of Europe, close to numerous international hospitality organizations and luxury establishments.  

This proximity provides students with exceptional opportunities for internships and professional networking, further enhancing their career prospects.  

The blend of rigorous academic training, practical exposure, and the culturally diverse environment equips graduates with a comprehensive skill set, which ultimately prepares us to excel in various sectors of the hospitality industry worldwide. 

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