IndustryHighlights from TEDxSHMS: The Rise of Humans

A student-led event, the 182 Semester class stepped up and delivered a truly high calibre experience for over 150 community members who travelled up to Caux for the Thursday evening event on November 29th, 2018.

TEDxSHMS The Rise of Humans Artifical Intelligence

With the support of Long Zhou, Organiser of TEDxSHMS and their lecturers, the students designed a showpiece event with 6 TEDxSHMS speakers, a swanky networking reception and student performances that left a lasting impression, all in the setting of the fabulous Caux Palace.

TEDxSHMS The Rise of Humans Artifical Intelligence


Our Speakers


The AI and me – How it feels to be replaced by an algorithm

Through recounting her personal journey as a psychologist in the field of AI, Marisa Tschopp inspired people of all backgrounds to create their own role in the age of AI.

Marisa Tschopp TEDxSHMS The AI and me

The 4th Industrial Revolution: A parent’s perspective

In his talk, SHMS alumnus and father of two young children Bram Jonker discussed how AI impacts parenting and family relationships.

Bram Jonker TEDxSHMS The 4th Industrial Revolution

Return Hospitality Back to Humanity, Please!

Monique Morrow argued that robots and chatbots do not define hospitality, humans do! She invited guests to rethink the role of humans in hospitality and create a future we can get excited about.

Monique Morrow, Return Hospitality Back to Humanity at TEDxSHMS event

Learning Human Values Via Emotional Intelligence

Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi shared her secret to finding balance between our reality and developing technologies: Fostering our human values to help us distinguish between right and wrong.

Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, Learning Human Values Via Emotional Intelligence at TEDxSHMS event

How Passion is Ignited Within You

As a lifelong hotelier and now Internship and Career Programme Leader and Lecturer at Swiss Hotel Management School, Robert Saltz pondered the question of how we can harness our inner passion to build a future that keeps humans at the centre of it all.

Career Programme Leader and Lecturer at Swiss Hotel Management School, Robert Saltz at TEDxSHMS event

Brick by brick: Finding creativity offline in the digital age

In his talk, Patrick Banas explored the way LEGO® Serious Play® methodology enhances innovation and business performance through familiar, completely analog toys without the use of the latest technologies.

Patrick Banas, Brick by brick with LEGO at TEDxSHMS event

People tend to think the success of TED or TEDx is about what happens on the stage, but it is also hidden in the audience who attend the live event. Our audience are true believers of Ideas Worth Spreading, no matter what the future will be, they don't just watch it happen, but actually want to be part of it
Long Zhou, Organiser of TEDxSHMS.

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