AlumniSuited Up with Confidence: SHMS Grad is a Sartorial Sensation

Rishabh Verma wins best Fashion Male Model in Zimbabwe

And it all started with a suit…

On the first day of school at SHMS, each student is handed his uniform. For the men, a tailored black suit with 3 buttons and the SHMS logo embroidered over the bottom left pocket.


“For me to be able to wear a suit every day…I loved it! My personality shined better and I could carry myself with confidence.”


Fast-forward 3 years later and Rishabh has celebrated his love for fashion in an extraordinary way with 3 incredible accolades including Best Fashion Male Model, Best International Male Model and the People’s Choice Model of the Year from the Zimbabwe Models Awards.

How did hospitality help inspire you to enter the fashion industry?
My love for fashion originally came from my mother who was in the industry.


“But it was hospitality that helped show me the importance of taking pride in grooming standards and the clothes you wear.”


A good suit can be a statement, a reflection of your personality and bring confidence that you may not know you even had.

Do you have any special memories at SHMS that helped inspire you behind the camera?
I will never forget the day that I was invited to do the photo shoot with Swiss Education Group Ambassador Stan Wawrinka! We spent almost the entire day together for the shoot and got the chance to get to know Stan. An incredible experience!


If you didn’t study hospitality, where would you be right now?
My badminton career was my big compromise when I chose to move to Switzerland to study hospitality. I started playing when I was 12 years old and competed on the Zimbabwe National team when I was 15. I was the Runner Up in the International Badminton Men’s Double Competition and participated in the Olympic qualifiers. Who knows where I’d be now if I continued on this path.


What do you hope winning these national awards will bring for your career?
I hope it will open doors for networking opportunities and help show potential employees that I am a dynamic individual with passions and different talents who has a lot to offer in the hospitality industry. I am also proud to share that I am now the Brand Ambassador for House of Gentlemen - Zimbabwe’s number 1 exclusive fashion brand.

The Zimbabwe Models Awards is an annual ceremony that rewards and recognizes the contributions of individuals and organizations towards the development of the fashion industry.

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