AlumniHealing in Luxury: 5-star healthcare secrets revealed

With the latest medical technologies and luxurious amenities on offer, Luis Pedro shares the hospitality side of personalised healthcare at The London Clinic.

How does your hospital run like a luxury hotel?

Just like in a hotel we focus on high standards, outstanding customer service, excellent food, great communication and impeccable housekeeping. I implemented the same systems in the hospital that you would find in a luxury hotel and I operate in the same way a General Manager would. We have a catering manager, front of house team, a concierge, housekeeping, reservations and marketing departments.

Luis Andre Da Silva SHMS graduated

I even hired an executive chef from a 5-star hotel which means our menu choice is exactly like what you would receive in a luxury hotel!

What is 5-star patient care?

Nowadays people understand what is quality and good doctors and nurses are found in hospitals around the world. The differentiating factor that makes us stand apart is the willingness to always go the extra mile.

If you come from hospitality, you understand how to take care of people and how to deliver to the needs of people. I was recruited because they wanted to deliver 5-star hospitality within healthcare with a fresh perspective.

What special attention do you provide to the family of patients?

We have a lot of international patients come through our doors. To ensure seamless communication with patients and their families we work with a team of inhouse translators and interpreters.

We take care of the meals for the family of patients, provide extra beds should they want to stay overnight, make sure they are always receiving personal attention and most importantly are informed at every stage of the care process.

Luis Andre Da Silva SHMS graduated, luxury healthcare

Can you give us an example of extra special care your team facilitated?

About a month ago we hosted a wedding in the hospital for someone who was facing end of life. Our chef prepared the wedding cake, food for the reception and we served champagne.

I will never forget this day. It was very tearful – a happy circumstance for a very sad situation. I am proud to be a part of a department that can make something like this happen.

What is an example of the finer details you focus on?

Every single detail of the clinic is important for me – even the smell.

Everyone knows what a hospital smells like and in a previous hospital I worked I decided to change this by adding a scent machine in the reception. Although I originally received a lot of resistance to this idea, it was the first thing our patients mentioned on their feedback . Our clients shared with us that the cleanliness and smell of the welcome space gave a great first impression and even helped put them at ease.

How did your hospitality education support your career journey?

My training in hospitality is precisely what gives me an advantage in my job. At SHMS we were rigorously trained and experienced first-hand what great service should be and how attention to detail is so important in creating a 5-star experience.

A Swiss hospitality education gives you very high standards that resonate in every aspect of life. If you have high standards you will succeed because you can question things, stop things and of course improve things.

Graduate from SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School

Luis Andre da Silva Pedro graduated from SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School with a degree in Hotel Operations Management in 2004.

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