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AlumniFive Reasons how Studying in Switzerland Changed my Life

After graduating from Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS), the plan for Indonesian alumna Yustin Ko was to work with her family in various hospitality businesses. Little did she know that studying in Switzerland would completely change her outlook on her career and see her pursuing her greatest passion in life – music.

Yustin, who goes by her stage name Arlette, is now a Violinist, DJ and Music Producer based in Indonesia. In 2015, she participated in The Remix, the first Electronic Dance Music (EDM) reality show competition in Indonesia where she was the only woman who made it into the final eight and was placed fourth after the semi-finals.

Yustin believes much of her current success in her music career is due to the experience she had living in Switzerland and the skills she picked up in school at SHMS.


“I think hospitality training is useful to anyone as the skills you gain are valuable and transferrable, regardless of the career path you choose later in life.”


The multicultural environment in the school exposed me to different cultures.
At SHMS, I had the privilege to study and work with people from all walks of life. I was able to immerse myself in a multicultural experience and it allowed me to develop my creativity further. Most of my weekends were spent with friends from different countries and I also participated in musical events at the church. I got to learn a lot more about music as a result of getting to know people from different cultures.

The lessons I learnt in school were valuable in helping me embark on my music career.
Classes such as Marketing, Financial Accounting and Business Communication, allowed me to have a better grasp of marketing strategies and coming up with a viable business plan for me to develop my music career.

I remember when I was a participant in The Remix competition, it was important to gain audience support as the competition was based on a voting system. The competition was more than just about producing good music; I needed to be able to engage with the audience. I think the communications and presentation skills I learnt in school, gave me an edge in gaining public support. I eventually received the Favourite Music Producer special award at the end of the show.

The real life experience I gained from my internships, prepared me for the working world
Through my internships with different hospitality establishments, I was able to gain vital hands on experience before going out into the working world. These internships gave me the opportunity to have real-life work experience that I couldn’t get sitting in a classroom.
My confidence and experience gained with each internship position and I learnt important lessons in teamwork, self-discipline and time management, which is crucial in the music industry. I also learnt to be flexible to accommodate different working environments.

These lessons were very useful especially during The Remix competition, as I had to produce two remixed songs within a week. It was a very tight schedule, as I also had to manage my time for other activities such as guest appearance on television shows and shooting for my other projects.

I learnt that when you have passion to achieve something, you can and you should do whatever it takes to chase your dream.
Initially it was challenging to get used to living independently, away from my family. The internships I had were also highly demanding. But I had much support from friends and the school management who often encouraged me to persevere and to believe in myself.


“This strong support system I had, allowed me to excel in my studies as a student, and as I embark on my career now as a young adult, I believe that you will be able to realise your dream if you have the discipline, motivation and are willing to keep learning.”


Conquering the challenges I faced in school has boosted my confidence to dream bigger
What I learnt in Switzerland contributed to my success on The Remix competition and as a result it’s opened a world of prospects for me to advance my career. I’ve been offered opportunities to perform with other renowned musicians at big events and it’s helping me build my portfolio immensely.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to build a strong fan base, which has been a great motivation for me to keep improving myself and I hope to continue inspiring people through my music.

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