A Spotlight On...Business Leadership

13 September, 2021

A Spotlight On...Business Leadership

Discover how "Developing Skills For Business Leadership", taught by Dr. Erich Steinbock, prepares students enrolled in the Master of Science program to become tomorrow’s leaders. 


3 mins
Leadership Swiss Hotel Management School


1. Tap into your leadership potential and learn to embrace failure 

Self-awareness is the first step to becoming an effective leader. When leaders are self-aware, they are more sensitive to their employees’ diverse experiences and needs and better able to hold a posture of learning and reflection.  

That’s why a large focus of this class is learning how to practice critical self-awareness, self-reflection, self-management, and time management. These self-development tools will serve you well beyond your time as a student and long into your career. 

Another strength held by effective leaders is their ability to embrace failure. Through his more than 50 years' experience in the hospitality industry and time working all over the world, Dr. Steinbock shares his own failures and how they helped him grow and advance in his career as well as the value of mentorship and role models on one’s path towards success. 

2. Learn to leverage your strengths, harness your weaknesses, and reimagine success  

Successful leaders have high emotional intelligence. This means it's important to discover your own emotional intelligence competencies, identify your strengths, and pinpoint your weaknesses to help you leverage your unique skills as a leader. 

You will be challenged to unpack your understanding of success by defining the subjective success factors of effectiveness, relationships, quality of life, and sense of wellbeing.  

Through discussing the defining features of good relationships, for example, you will become more aware of how your personal actions enhance or decrease the quality of your relationships at work and home. When discussing time management, a balanced life is emphasized. As you identify your most important roles—such as, student, friend, family member, healthy person, etc—you will develop a weekly time management plan that gives attention to each role.  

3. Discover the importance of “followership” 

Empirical studies indicate that when new employees enter the workplace, their ability to follow will affect their careers more than their ability to lead. By knowing when to be proactive, passive, and anti-authoritarian, you will advance further than those who focus only on exercising their leadership.  

Followership skills can also have a profound, positive effect on students’ personal lives, setting them up for success at home and in the workplace. 

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