SHMS once again recognized as an Apple Distinguished School

SHMS once again recognized as an Apple Distinguished School

Swiss Hotel Management School secures renewed recognition as an Apple Distinguished School 2022-2025.


Apple Distinguished School recognition


First awarded the honor in 2017, Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) has once again been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for its continued efforts in innovative education and learning experience. This latest recognition stands from 2022 until 2025.

Apple Distinguished Schools are centers of leadership and educational excellence that demonstrate Apple’s vision for learning with technology – and are considered some of the most innovative schools in the world. Becoming an Apple Distinguished School (ADS) is difficult, and to consistently achieve the high standards expected to maintain this recognition is a real challenge. A school not only needs to show that faculty and students are using and applying technology, but also needs to demonstrate a continued journey of progress, innovation, and creativity. It is not enough to simply apply tech tools ‘for the sake of it’ but to use technology to transform a student’s educational experience, enabling them to take control of their own learning and future development, as learners and professionals. Recognition is awarded on a three-yearly basis.

...demonstrate a continued journey of progress, innovation, and creativity.


Innovative learning experiences, opportunities, and spaces

Our ADS renewal reflects the commitment we have to achieving these goals and creating innovative learning experiences, opportunities, and spaces. While each one of our students is given an iPad at the start of their studies, integrating technology goes far beyond the classroom. From virtual reality simulations, to 3D designs, collaborating across borders and cultures, and authentic work-based activities, we are able to use iPad technology as a springboard to experiment, innovate, and explore.

Technology allows us to develop problem-solving, sense-making, creativity, and other key skills graduates require in the future workplace in ways we never could have imagined.

Lisa Peel, Head of Learning Resources and Apple Distinguished Educator

Most recently, SHMS has provided hospitality Master of Science students the opportunity to learn how to program and work alongside hospitality robots, and all students learn about the developments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our everyday use, including how it impacts marketing, creativity, and planning.

The application of technology in all areas of our educational and operational programs allowed SHMS to adapt quickly and seamlessly to the changing environment of moving to virtual and online delivery. This has proven invaluable during the Covid-19 pandemic. The work and achievements that led to our ADS recognition also created a technological foundation facilitating a smooth transition to an online environment. Both faculty and students are confident and adept at applying technology to learning. Lisa Peel concludes, "We have continued this drive to innovate by introducing new environments and platforms, such as the launch of a new Learning Management System and video conferencing, so allowing students to access their professional and academic development consistently and effectively."

To share our journey, download ‘Experience, experiment innovate: Swiss Hospitality Management School’ from the iBook Store.