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Digital marketing has rapidly become the dominant driver in business today. Through it, businesses can connect directly with customers, build their brands, and cultivate interest around their products and services. Discover how our module in Digital Marketing is preparing our students to succeed in an ever-increasing digital world.  



“Adapt or perish…” as the English writer Herbert George Wells once said. In an increasingly digital world, these words could not be more true. For businesses to flourish and rise above the competition, they must excel in reaching their audiences and cultivating customers online or risk becoming obsolete. 

In the Digital Marketing module of our Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality and Events Management program taught by lecturer, Kathryn Medico, students learn how to use social media marketing, content marketing, and online public relations to build a successful online communication and marketing plan. 

Here’s a sneak peak at what students gain from this module: 


1. Learn how to build a strategic digital marketing plan 

In this module, students learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing and how it can be harnessed to help businesses succeed in today’s digital age. Students put their knowledge to the test by creating a digital marketing plan for a fictitious hotel opening, which they must pitch to the hotel’s management team. This exercise also helps develop students’ presentation skills, which are essential in the hospitality and business sector.  


2. Acquire real-world experience by applying learnings to real-life scenarios 

A unique element of this course are the many opportunities for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world situations. In one activity, students form small management teams to develop digital marketing plans for the opening of a fictional ski resort.  

Together, students must brainstorm digital marketing ideas that will help the resort achieve a 60 percent occupancy rate upon opening. They then must present their plan to the hotel's Marketing Director along with a portfolio of supporting documents, project plans, worksheets, and a complete budget to justify their plan. 

This type of practical learning is what helps prepare students for the real world of business and hospitality. 


3. Build a firm foundation for a career in digital marketing 

Many of our students who have gone on to jobs in digital marketing find themselves performing many tasks they have already practiced in the classroom.  

Students in this module leave equipped with a solid foundation and understanding of how to devise a cohesive digital marketing plan, build and manage social media accounts, and manage marketing budgets. This real-world learning helps students walk away with the confidence to put theory into action in the workplace. 




Ms. Medico’s course has really helped me improve my professional skills in digital marketing. She always comes to class with great input and with a large smile on her face. This is definitely the right course to learn how to navigate our ever-changing industry.



Anita S. Santoso, 4th year student 



Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts program 

Swiss Hotel Management School’s Bachelor of Arts modules follow a three-pillar strategy, focusing on global trends, business strategy, and operational leadership. Students can choose to specialize in one of three pathways: International Hospitality Management, International Hospitality and Events Management, or International Hospitality and Design Management.   

The first two years of the program are held at our Caux campus and move to our Leysin campus for the third and fourth semesters. The three-year curriculum concludes with a Bachelor’s degree accredited by the University of Derby (United Kingdom).  


Learn more about our Bachelor of Arts program or download our free brochure for more information on our campuses, course details, fees, eligibility, and application process. 


Claire Jollain, Assistant Dean

Meet the Lecturer in Marketing, Kathryn Medico

Kathryn Medico is a journalist, author, and lecturer from the United States. Her classes cover Digital Marketing, Hospitality, Communication, and Broadcast Journalism. Formerly a manager at Ritz-Carlton, she enjoys sharing her "real world" experiences in the hospitality industry with her students. As a writer on issues of juvenile justice, her book A Perversion of Justice is currently on its fifth printing. She is also an international conference speaker on the rights of children. 

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