9 things you’ll learn at a hospitality school

22 July, 2022

9 things you’ll learn at a hospitality school

Some people mistake hospitality education for planning fancy dinners and splashy events. But it’s about so much more than that. 


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The business of hospitality involves a high-level of skill, strategic thinking, innovation, business acumen and leadership. Our lecturers know this to be true from their decades of experience in the sector, and are passionate about passing on their wisdom to students studying at Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS). 

Here are nine things our lecturers say you’ll learn while studying with them at SHMS:

You’ll learn what it takes to be a good leader


Strong social and emotional intelligence skills are important to becoming a successful hospitality leader. 

"At SHMS, we teach operational leadership so that students develop their own leadership and emotional capabilities that go beyond the traditional principles of managerial training, and provide ample practical experiences throughout the curriculum for students to hone these soft skills. "

Erich Steinbock – PhD Distinguished Professor in Leadership


You’ll learn how to implement sustainable business practices


Incorporating sustainable practices into businesses is essential as consumers become more aware and concerned about their environmental impact.


"At SHMS, we take this responsibility to inform and train future generations to integrate sustainability very seriously. That’s why we incorporate ethical business principles and sustainability throughout our curriculum and give students the tools to put it into action wherever they go."

Dr. Janani Ganapathi – Postgraduate Program Manager 


You’ll learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur


A degree in hospitality management is a great fit for aspiring entrepreneurs and a rare chance to combine a practical and theoretical education that will strengthens your flexibility and creativity.


"At SHMS, hospitality students learn customer service, hone their leadership skills, and develop their management style so they know how to efficiently oversee teams. 

Many alumni have harnessed these learned skills to launch their own businesses in the hospitality industry and beyond."

Xavier WilainLecturer in Entrepreneurship, Founder of Game-Based Learning Designer


You’ll learn how to harness digital technology


Digital design and visual technology are essential in today’s world. They are used in hospitality to enhance interaction and communication with clients and customers and to create a robust brand experience. 


"As an Apple Distinguished School, students at SHMS gain an in-depth understanding of how to harness digital design technology and are given ample opportunities to put it into practice through hands-on computer-based activities and projects." 

Malin Persson – Lecturer of Digital Design & Visual Technologies


You’ll learn how to organize events

Students who study at SHMS have plenty of opportunities throughout their studies to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life situations. 


"For example, students learn how to conceive and organize an event from start to finish – allowing them to hone skills like strategic planning, menu creation, staffing, marketing, communication and logistics.

Ludovic Cosandey – Lecturer Event Management, Director of World of Hospitality


You’ll learn to embrace other cultures 


Being surrounded by students from different nationalities deepens your understanding of different beliefs, attitudes and ways of living. 


"We are privileged to have students from more than 100 nationalities on campus, which creates a rich international and diverse environment in which students learn."

Christine Barnes– Lecturer 


You’ll learn how to collect and analyze data


In today’s highly digital world, successful businesses need to know how to collect, manage, and interpret customer data in order to deliver a superior experience for its guests and to stand out above competition. 


"At SHMS, students work on real projects – collecting and analyzing data in order to draw insights and make the most suitable decisions for any business. Students also learn how to analyze and predict future trends using Tableau to make accurate predictions that will benefit any company in the future."

Mikhail Romanenko – Data Driven Decision Making & Program Manager


You’ll learn the principles of digital marketing 


Digital marketing is a key pillar of most businesses’ marketing and branding strategies. So, it is important for future hospitality leaders to learn how to employ digital marketing to understand their customers’ needs and desires and conceive the right products to meet them. 


"At SHMS, students gain valuable knowledge about digital marketing and acquire the skills, analytical techniques, and approaches to conceive and apply effective digital strategies."

Laureline Willain – Content & Social Media Lecturer


You’ll learn the ins and outs of food and beverage


"Students at SHMS learn about the different types of services available in the industry and the fundamentals of the food and beverage profession. Students also have the opportunity to create a concept and think of new service styles that best match the theme of the event."

Simon Thomson – Undergraduate Program Manager


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