3 Reasons Why to Study Strategic Revenue Management

30 September, 2021

3 Reasons Why to Study Strategic Revenue Management

Discover how our the Strategic Revenue Management class, taught by lecturer Vanessa Mendes to students in our Master of Science program, prepares you to create and manage a profitable hotel business. 


3 min
Study revenue management at Swiss Hotel Management School


1. You will learn how to think and plan strategically 

Running a profit-generating hotel business successfully requires a high level of strategic thinking. In this module, you'll develop your strategic thinking skills through identifying, critically evaluating, and reflecting on pricing and channel distribution strategies for effective revenue management application. 

You'll get the chance to explore advanced tools and techniques in Strategic Revenue Management used to guide pricing, inventory control, and demand manipulation to drive profits and advance organizational performance.  

By discovering concepts such as forecasting, availability controls, pricing and distribution channel management, overbooking, group management, and non-traditional revenue management applications, you’ll form a solid foundation to launching your career. 


2. You will learn through real-life simulations 

What more effective way to learn something than through doing it? All of our master’s degree programs are designed to be highly experiential. We aim to give students as much information and experience as possible through guest speakers, case studies, and real-life learning simulations. 

This module will give you the opportunity to simulate real-life situations you will face throughout your career such as presenting results in board meetings. You'll also have the opportunity to simulate being a hotel Revenue Managers in a highly motivating and challenging online game simulator called EuroCHRIE Challenge. This simulator will allow you to compete with real teams from other top hospitality management schools across Europe. 


3. You will build skills for life 

Apart from learning important technical skills, you develop life skills through a range of learning activities that will serve you well in your professional and personal life, including: effective communication, intercultural understanding and communication, teamwork and leadership, problem solving, researching skills, analytical and critical thinking, organization and planning, and time management. The module will also help you develop your confidence, practice assertiveness, understand your personal strengths, and develop a creative and innovative mindset.  


Meet Vanessa Mendes 

Vanessa Mendes teaches revenue management at SHMS

Vanessa is a lecturer at Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) and brings almost two decades of experience to her classroom where she teaches Strategies for Yield Management, Revenue Management, Delivering Added Value, and Managing Generational & Cultural Diversity. Vanessa began her career in event management in Portugal. After obtaining  a Postgraduate Diploma from SHMS in Hotel Operations Management, she held several management roles in Dubai and Greece where she worked with brands including Grand HyattJumeirah Group, and Ermia Hotels & Resorts. Additionally, Vanessa holds an MA in Strategy & Leadership, an MA in Hospitality Management, a BA in Business Management, and a Food & Beverage Management certification from Cornell. 

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The Master of Science program is designed for those who have already studied or worked in the hospitality industry and who are looking to advance their careers. The program, available both online and in-classroom, offers three different pathways to choose from: Hospitality Management, Hospitality Management and Digital Value Creation, and Hospitality and Design Management. All degrees are awarded in partnership with the University of Derby (UK). 

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