A catch-up with Khalid Alzahrani

14 October, 2022

A catch-up with Khalid Alzahrani

A catch-up with Khalid Alzahrani. A Swiss Hotel Management School alumni, about his current career and time at SHMS.


2 minutes
Khalid Alzahrani SHMS alumni


My name is Khalid Alzahrani and I’m from Saudi Arabia. I graduated from SHMS in January 2019 with a master’s degree in International Business of Hotel Management.

How did you grow over your time at SHMS?

I met and lived with people from diverse backgrounds from all around the world at SHMS. It was an opportunity to grow as an individual and to gain more experience. In addition, being part of organizing or volunteering for banquets gave me the chance to learn about different departments and the team work involved, not only theoretically but also practically.

How did your internship help you when you graduated?

Starting from an entry-level position working in one of the well-known luxury brand hotels was very helpful in getting to know which hotel department suited my skills and personality the best. The internship was an eye-opener; working as a trainee was a very rich learning experience.

What have you been doing since you graduated?

I am a Senior Sales Executive at the corporate office of GCG Group, a local hotel group in Saudi Arabia.

How has your education at SHMS helped you in your current role?

My time at SHMS was a life-changing opportunity. SHMS changed not only my career and professional life, but also played a big role in creating who I am today. Having been in one of the top 5 schools in the world, where I was mentored by expert and very professional instructors, has made me more confident and professional.