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Master of International Business in Hotel, Resort and Food & Beverage Management

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Master of International Business: a 2-year overview

Discover an overview of the Master of International Business in Hotel, Resort and Food & Beverage Management below. Contact us for our brochure with full course details or for any further information.  

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Master's Degree

The dynamic and rapidly developing food and beverage and restaurant industry is in need of entrepreneurs and leaders possessing a robust combination of theoretical and experiential knowledge. The Master of International Business in Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management provides students with in-depth industry know-how ready for application.

Students undertake applied modules in which they are responsible as managers in the industry of real-life food and beverage and restaurant operations, combined with key theoretical underpinning delivered through lectures and interactive workshops. With this unique combination of theoretical and applied modules students are well prepared to develop their careers as future leaders in the food and beverage and restaurant industry. The programme is built on a combination of learning the principles and applying them to develop confidence, creativity and innovation.

Semester 1 (5 months) - Leysin campus


Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management

Paid internship in Switzerland or worldwide (4-6 months)

Postgraduate Diploma in Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management

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Semester 2 (5 months) - Leysin campus


Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management

Paid internship in Switzerland or worldwide (4-6 months)

Master of International Business in Hotel, Resort and Food & Beverage Management

Semester 1 (5 months)


Semester 2 (5 months)

  • Restaurant Business Project
    • This capstone module enables students to create a comprehensive and detailed business plan. A successful restaurant business idea is one that survives within the market environment into which it is introduced. The risk of failure causes serious financial and personal impact on the entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • F&B Quality and Value Management
    • The business models explored comprise those belonging to value creation, process management and quality management. As part of the learning process, students will practice application of acquired understanding across a range of modules in the MIB Program incubating novel and adaptive thinking.
  • Finance and Yield Management
    • This module aims to provide the advanced skills to make smart and strategic decisions about revenue and the bottom line by managing productivity, pricing, and marketing.
  • Hospitality Digital Marketing
    • This module aims to build knowledge on how to operate websites and social media to gain insights into customers needs, generate revenue, save costs and energize customers. Students will critically assess various digital and social media channels and tools for developing professional profiles, creating professional content, collaborating and engaging with an audience. There is an emphasis on hands-on experience and applied skills.
  • Restaurant and Kitchen Operations Management
    • In this core module students will operate and manage a diversity of F&B outlets with different positions on campus. Based on their experience of managing and evaluating the operations, teams of students will design, develop and justify their own on-campus concept. Within their operational activities, the skills, which they learnt, are going to be specifically applied to the requirements of their day-to-day operations.
  • Sustainable Food & Beverage Management
    • This module considers key theories of sustainability by which practices within the food & beverage industry can be rendered sustainable. The module will explore the environmental and social impact of restaurant operations from community engagement, treating people fairly, responsible marketing, supply chain management, energy and waste management, fair trade, farming & fishing, to ethical sourcing.
  • Current Trends in Hospitality
    • The question investigated in the module is: how is the Hospitality industry using the trends to add value, maximise revenue and increase profit? The purpose of this module therefore is to critically analyse current trends within Hotel industry, in order to position the organisation in the market with the most effect on profitability.
  • Managing Cultural Diversity
    • This module provides the future entrepreneur or Hospitality Manager with theories on cultural differences that enable them to analyze the effect culture has on businesses and encourages them to reflect on how cultural differences affect their own interaction and performance in learning and working environment.
  • Developing Business Leadership Skills
    • This module will attempt to develop personal leadership effectiveness by practicing critical self-awareness, self-reflection, self-management, and time management. The development of skills for business leadership will require the creation of sensitivities to diversity in people and different situations and the ability to continue to learn through reflection on practice and experience.
  • Principles of Swiss Hospitality Excellence (SHE)
    • This professional development module aims to develop in our students the five SHE characteristics of immaculate precision, discreet discipline, practical innovation, dependable quality, and professional leadership. Students will critically reflect on their strength themes and how combined with the Swiss Hospitality Excellence Characteristics a career path can be planned.
  • Work Placement
    • The Work Placement Module provides a unique opportunity for students to gain much sought after work experience in the context of a recognized name brand in positions available to SEG graduates on a preferential basis. The work placement can become the stepping-stone for a further career with the brand, depending the student’s performance during the work placement, and thus potentially lead to developing a career within the organization.
  • Languages
    • Optional


Internship (4-6 months)

  • Practical Experience
    • This module enables students to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired during the Master degree programme in a real-life work environment. It provides students with the opportunity to observe and appraise the interrelationship of theory and practice within a working environment.

      Paid internship in a hotel or restaurant in Switzerland or worldwide

      Minimum monthly gross salary in Switzerland: CHF 2,172.‒